January 2023 Goals

I have already introduced you to my overall goals for the year in my 2023 Goals post. In that post I discussed how in 2022 I hadn’t achieved my goals and how I wanted to change that in 2023.

One of the ways I hope to achieve my goals in 2023 is by breaking them down throughout the year. Each month I am going to set myself goals which will help me to work towards the overall goal.

My January 2023 Goals

  1. Plan blog content for the month
  2. Plan YouTube content for the month
  3. Complete assignments
  4. Complete habit tracker
  5. Complete 1 paint by numbers
  6. Complete 1 diamond painting
  7. Create monthly budget
  8. Read 2 books
  9. Lose 3.5kg
  10. Complete a virtual medal

I think these goals are achievable providing I stick to them, check in with myself and remind myself of the end goal.

I will review how I got on with these goals at the end of the month.


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