2022 Goal Review

2023 was a strange year when it came to my goals. Whilst I feel as though I achieved many things throughout the year, most of them were not on my list of goals.

My 2022 Goals

  1. Read 22 books
  2. Blog consistently
  3. Publish YouTube videos consistently
  4. Be more aware of what I eat
  5. Exercise more frequently
  6. Conscious purchases
  7. Make more of an effort with studying

My Successes

I know I haven’t fully achieved any of these goals particularly however I can say that I am more conscious of the things I purchase and make less impulsive purchases. I definitely exercise more frequently, and although this may not be intense exercise I am more active than what I was at the beginning of the year. 

Why Didn’t I Achieve My Goals?

In all honesty this is pretty simple, a lack of discipline and focus. As the year progressed my attention focused on other things and I put these goals to the back of my mind. This is definitely something I need to be more mindful of with the goals I set for 2023. I also think that the majority of my goals were not specific enough which leads them to be more down to interpretation.

What Lessons Have I Learnt?

Going forward in 2023, as mentioned above, my goals will be more specific so that I can track them throughout the year. I am also going to have several check ins throughout the year so that I can reflect on my goals in 2023 throughout the year and my progress towards them.


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