Weekly Diary: 22nd – 28th November 2021, Back to Cardiff & Lucy Spraggan

Monday 22nd November 2021

It has been a pretty slow day today which has consisted of plenty of cups of tea, watching my Mum feed the birds and laughing at Barney watching himself in the fire – he is a very handsome boy!

Tuesday 23rd November 2021

After working from 7 till 10 am I spent the day with my Mum and we had a list of places to go to. First up was heading to the garden centre which has the Works inside as my Mum needed to get a diary for next year. 2022 is slowly creeping up on us! I usually like to have a little browse in The Works but my Mum was on a mission and we were in and out today, however I still managed to get a new soft thing for my anxiety box!

Next up on our list of places to go was Tesco we needed to get some food shopping and as we were heading to my Nan and Grandad’s grave later we wanted to get some flowers to take with us. After running around the shop as though we were competing on supermarket sweep we headed to the car to fill it up with the shopping.

Our last stop of the day was going to my Nan and Grandads grave to re-oil their plaque so that it is ready for winter and lay some flowers. I love it up where we buried their ashes, it is so peaceful and the walk up to their grave from the car park is really pretty and is so nice seeing the flowers and trees change colour each time we go and visit.

The afternoon was spent doing some kids arts and crafts with my Mum which I had got from Poundland before I came to visit. I bought them purely because they were Gonks and both my Mum and I love Gonks. We had a bit of fun doing them too!

Between my Mum and I we also cooked a gammon roast dinner. I haven’t had gammon in a long time so it was really good to have it for a change!

Wednesday 24th November 2021

Another chilled day and I felt like I needed it after all the things we did yesterday!

I did head out for a walk to the shop (after getting my socks off of Barney) where I got the dogs some treats and some snacks for me.

Thursday 25th November 2021

It has been another chilled day today but kind of busy/ productive.

I had a bit of a slow start to the day before tackling my packing ready for my train back to Cardiff tomorrow. It was like a game of Tetris trying to get everything to fit into my suitcase. I ended up with more bags than I came with and will probably be a bit of a juggling act on the underground but I am sure that I will make it work somehow!

The day was finished off with a KFC takeaway which I demolished!

Friday 26th November 2021

After coaxing Barney out of bed I got myself sorted and ready for going back to Cardiff. I had to squeeze the last few bits and pieces into my bag.

My Mum and Dad took my to the train station and we got there with plenty of time so I could wait in the car for a bit before heading on to the platform. It was windy and cold. I was thankful for my facemask to keep my face warm!

I managed to juggle my bags onto the train and found a seat where I could keep my bags with me. Luckily the train wasn’t too busy and I got to London without any drama. The underground was definitely a challenge with all of my bags but I just about managed it. I was definitely glad to jump on my train to Cardiff (which I made with a few minutes to spare). I spent the train ride watching the world go by and it felt like the journey was over quite quickly. Once I got to Cardiff I booked a taxi home and was definitely ready to crash!

Saturday 27th November 2021

I was back in work today and it seemed to whizz by.

Sunday 28th November 2021 – Lucy Spraggan

I had issues with my work laptop charger not working today so my day was thrown off a little bit.

I had a bit more time than I was planning to have so felt a bit lost and in limbo.

I ate my roast dinner and chilled for a while before getting ready for Marysia to arrive as we had tickets to see Lucy Spraggan in the Globe.

After a little bit of drama and stress with the taxi I had booked not turning up we eventually decided it was cutting it too fine so we ended up driving over to The Globe. It was quite nice in a way as I got to go in Maryia’s new car for the first time!

I think we were about the last people to turn up and we ended up being stood behind some really tall people for most of the support act, Billy Locket, he was really good though and I have added some of his songs to my Spotify playlists.

Lucy Spraggan’s set was great and I enjoyed singing along to every single song!

Once the set was finished we were right by the merch stall and I got a long sleeve top whilst Marysia got a hoody.

We then headed back to mine where we filled her car up with the Christmas presents that she was taking back to hers before crashing for the night.


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