Weekly Diary: 6th – 12th September 2021, Journal Fail!

I had a bit of a fail this week when it came to writing my journal. I only made one entry on Monday and then it never seemed to happen again! I have decided that I will put the photos I have taken throughout the week at the end of the post to give you a little bit of an insight into what I have been up to this week.

Monday 6th September 2021

After Barney decided we needed to have a party at 2am I had a little bit less sleep than I wanted but I was up with my alarm and got ready for work quicker than I had anticipated.

My stomach flared up as did my psoriasis luckily after an hour of working I was able to move the rest of my shift to Sunday so I could let my tablets kick in, catch up on a little bit of sleep and let my stomach settle down.

In the afternoon I cut the grass in the front garden and managed to get the moss up on the path. After that I was wiped out so I crashed in front of the telly to watch last nights Vigil episode – it was so good! I cannot wait for the next one to find out what happens next.

My evening has been spent playing my switch and doing a little bit of my diamond painting before having dinner.

I think I am going to crash and read my book as I am tired and my stomach has finally stopped hurting.

My Week in Photos


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