Poem: The Step I Have To Take

How many chances before you call it a day?
How many lies have I got to hear before I get my say?
I’m hearing so much nonsense
Boy don’t you have a conscience
Can’t you see what you’re doing to me?
A romantic gesture, on bended knee
That isn’t going to help you now
I can’t even scream about that other cow
You’ve reduced me to petty name calling
I wish I’d known when you had me falling
That I wouldn’t be your only
The last to call when you got lonely
I won’t be running back
I refuse to let the tears leave tracks
I’m turning my back on you
And everything you say you will do
Your words mean nothing
I’m just going to concentrate on living
This is the step I have to take
Even if it means my heart will break



What do you think?

-Esjae x


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